We ship throughout India. We have tied up with leading logistic companies in India to ensure deliverability to maximum pin-codes.

Checklist to Hassle-Free Shipping:

  1. Take care while filling your Billing Address and Contact Information. The Information on your Credit Card/Debit Card statement must be a perfect match when comparing with your Name and Address on your Contact Information and Billing Address and must be verifiable by your Bank or Credit Card provider in authorizing payment. 
  2. Shipping Details must include the name of the addressee or the customer, the current address to be shipped to and contact details of the addressee or the customer. If your Billing and Shipping details are the same, just check the box provided.
  3. Caution: Billing Address & Shipping Address could be different. Make sure your Billing address is according to your Bank/Credit Card information and your Shipping address is the location where you want your shipment to reach.